A Video Biography – Andrew J Garcia

There’s a lot more to an attorney than just his or her education and professional associations. If you’d like to learn more about what made Andrew J. Garcia who he is now, we’ve prepared the following video biography in five chapters for you.

The Early Years” – The oldest of 3 children, Andrew grew up in a modest home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, where his mother and father taught them all strong family values.

“The Road to Law School” – In high school, Andrew had the “bright idea” to skip college and go right into the workforce. Listen to his father tell the story of how Andrew’s mind was changed.

“Heritage” – Grounded in the roots of his father’s emigration from the Azorean islands and his mother’s ties to the textile mills in Lawrence, hear the story of Andrew’s heritage.

“Handcrafted Inner Peace” – No one should spend their entire life at work. Here Andrew discusses his passion for a hobby that provides an escape from day-to-day stress as a law business owner.

“It’s All About Family” – In the end, “it’s all about family.”

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