Get Your Estate Plan Done Today

It’s 2016. Happy New Year.

This is the year you’ve decided to protect your family’s financial future. The year you’re going to make that estate plan.

Well we believe it’s critical to have an estate plan in place because without at least a will, a health care proxy and a durable power of attorney, you’re leaving it all up to chance AND state law to decide how health care decisions will be made, and how finances will be handled and passed along.

In fact we believe that it’s SO important to have a legal plan in place that we’re making this VERY SPECIAL OFFER to help you save some money at the same time that you’re protecting your family.

For the entire month of January you can save $100 on any estate plan that you opt to purchase for you and your family. That’s right, we will reduce our regular legal fees for any estate plan by $100!

Every one wants to protect their loved ones if something terrible and unexpected happens. At the same time, everyone likes to save some money.  So, we are offering to do both.

But, we’re not offering this forever. This special opportunity is only available until January 31.

So, take the first step to protecting your family’s future. Act now by contacting us to make a confidential appointment and save $100.

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