Close up of couple having fun outdoorsCohabiting couples. Couples in second (or third) marriages. Couples in their late-30s or 40s. Same sex couples.

This website is for you. Here you’ll find information that will answer the many questions you have about your legal rights.

If you are living together in committed relationship, whether as a hetero or same-sex couple, you’re probably wondering what’s going to happen to the property you’ve shared if you break up. Maybe you’re wondering what rights you have if your partner suddenly dies. Well, we have information about that here.

If your in a second, third or even fourth marriage, you may be wondering how to protect the inheritance of your kids from your first marriage if you died. You might be wondering whether your step-kids are going to take your property away from you if develop Alzheimer’s or some other debilitating condition.  We’ve got you covered.

If your in your late-30s or 40s and you have minor kids, your likely have different concerns. What’s going to happen to them if you and your spouse both suddenly die. How are you going to save and pay for college. Will you be held responsible if your teen driver causes a bad accident. You’ll find information here.

Our point is that we’ve built this site with you in mind. You’re searching for information and we’re giving it to you.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER – we are lawyers who’ve created this site and because we’re lawyers we have to give you this disclaimer. It’s important for you to understand that NONE of the information contained on this site is intended as legal advice. And, your use of the site does not create an attorney-client relationship.  If you have legal questions, we urge you to seek individual advice from a qualified and licensed lawyer in your state.



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